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30 Day Fitness Challenges Pro

1.49 usd

No ADSDaily Workout App with 12 different Workout Exercises. 30 DAY FITNESS CHALLENGES PRO IN THE APP are as below:
* Abs Challenge* Arm Challenge* Back Challenge* Extreme Squat Challenge* Burpee Challenge* Butt Challenge* Cardio Challenge* Chest Challenge* Legs Challenge* Plank Challenge* Pushup Challenge* Squat Challenge
Workout Pro App Features:* Complete Ad Free App.* Total 12 fitness challenges.* More than 30 exercise tutorials with video demonstrations* User can reset any particular workout in between days.* Easy to follow and complete fitness challenges* Share your workout and exercise progress on social media every day.* Daily challenge reminder option for All 12 Workouts.* Daily Health Tips to aware your self with food tips to body fitness.* A Complete Offline App.
Give your tips or feedback to improve and update more features in the app. Please send your suggestions and mail to All Videos in this app are copyrighted by AppSourceHub.Note: Please seek medical advice prior to take Workout Challenges.